Sheila b/w Party Girl (1980)
A. Sheila
B. Party Girl

After the failure of his punk rock band in 1978, Doug Khazzam began writing songs in 1979 for his new project, a Power POP Band!  Placing an ad in the Village Voice musicians wanted section he found vocalist Joey Kelly, Scott Nevin "Killer" Schiller on bass and Rich "Starr" Stirrat on drums. Their debut single got considerable airplay on New York's WNEW-FM by eccentric DJ Vince Scelsa, who played it everyday for a month in the summer of 1980! This record is much sought after by collectors of the genre and goes for ridiculous prices!  Special guest musicians on the Sheila recording session were Ronnie Guy on Elka Organ and the one and only Michael Brecker on Saxophone!



Buddy Love (1982)

1. Rock & Roll/Why Can't we Make Believe We're in Love?
2. Liar
3. Dead Ringer
4. Ticket To Your Heart
5. Who Slapped John? (Lennon)
6. Closer To Heaven
7. Rave On!
8. I Just Want To Hold You
9. Dream Baby
10. Wild Angel

After the breakup of the original Buddy Love Doug reformed the band, this time with himself taking over lead vocals and "becoming" the persona of Buddy Love.

Enlisting band mates from punk rock days (Brett Rizzo on bass and Rob Wise on drums) he recorded this (as described by many fans of the genre at the time) PowerPop tour de force.  The "Yellow" album became semi-legendary and influential to many other DIY bands of the 1980's and garnered praise from rock critics and fans alike, (significantly mentioned in John Borack's recent book, "Shake Some Action" which chronicles 80's Power Pop from A to Z).   Somehow it remained (in the words of Trouser Press editor Ira Robbins) "... unknown, but great!"



More! Buddy Love (1984)
1. Something In My Eye
2. Empty House
3. He's Back In Town
4. Hiding Places
5. Lies
6. Love Is A Martial Art
7. Teaser
8. How Weird?!?
9. Liar (Version 2)
10. I Can't Help Myself
11. I'm your Man

In 1983 Doug reformed Buddy Love from the ashes of 1982's version which disintegrated due to internal conflicts with original drummer Rich "Starr" Stirrat (from the 1980 single!) and new bass player Hugh Carroll. They continued to perform around NYC and Long Island with a tight, three part harmony sound more reminiscent of The Beatles than any other version of the band. They recorded this album in two four hour sessions with a no nonsense approach that outdid their previous DYI efforts, yet somehow went COMPLETELY IGNORED!



Buddy Love - Now And Then (2007)

1. Where Do We Go From Here?
2. My Little Red Book
3. Master of Illusion
4. I Can't Get Up
5. The Great Pretender
6. Can't Hold On
7. Emily
8. She Don't Care
9. Party Girl
10. Sheila

27 years after the breakup of the original 1980  lineup, Doug, Joey, Rich and Scott reformed and recorded many of the same songs they performed live in 1980 as well as new songs written by Doug and are again performing in the NYC metropolitan area.  Buddy Love Lives Again!



Buddy Love  (2011)

1. Crying Town
2. Almost In Tears
3. Tearing You Down
4. Intersection
5. Set You Free (Let You Go)
6. Hard To Get
7. Idle Hands
8. Tell Me
9. Crying Town (Reprise)
10. Waiting
11. Crying Town (Live)

Almost two years in the making this new CD represents a departure away from the DIY PowerPop that brought them their notoriety in the 1980's.  Featuring the song "Crying Town" which has been described by one critic as "the Beatles produced by Jeff Lynne", the band demonstrates that becoming more mature adult contemporary rock artists isn't a bad thing!  Buddy Love is alive and well in the new millenium!
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