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Founded in 1995, Rockville Record's first (CD-R ONLY!) release was a collection of songs by Doug Khazzam recorded over a 10 year period from 1985 to 1995 and released as...




The next release was a package of ALL the recorded material from his now famous band (among Power POP fans anyway!) with songwriting partner Alan Milman, including the VERY RARE single Sheila, the Yellow Album and a whole unreleased album by..

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The next CD-R ONLY release from Rockville Records was a collaboration between Doug and long time friend of Alan's, Gary Feldman along with Rich Starr from Buddy Love. Together the round off their Byrdsy take on Power POP! called Radio Flyer.  Unfortunately they were forced by the little wagon makers to change their name so they picked RC Flyers for the town of Rockville Centre, NY where they both lived (and obviously the source of our company name!)
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Rockville Records - Long Island's Best Pop!
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