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Hometown: Long Island, NY, United States
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The RC Flyers probably sound like something you've heard before, and it's not just because of who they're influenced by. Sure there's shades of the Raspberries and Elvis Costello, hints of the Ramones and echoes of the Flamin' Groovies. But the band also reflects the pasts of its members, who themselves were among those who formed the seminal Power/Punk Pop bands of the '80s, namely Breakaways and Buddy Love. With very nearly 20 years of Power Pop experience under their belts, the RCF effortlessly crank out catchy, harmony laden, chiming guitar-led songs with plenty of pop on top. Even when they sing sad-faced love songs, their glistening chords and optimistic vocals coat everything with a layer of beaming happiness. Other bands may wallow in "moping pools," but the RC Flyers skimmer along the top, refusing to be engulfed by sadness, and just far enough beyond its grasp to still feel the sun on their smiling faces.

Kali H.

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