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During the four year period from 1996 to 1999, Doug Khazzam, Gary Feldman & Rich "Starr" Stirrat created their own brand of Pop Nirvana as Influenced by the likes of The Raspberries, Big Star and The Flaming Groovies, they worked in their secret sound studio in a basement somewhere on Long Island. Doug, known for his work in Buddy Love, has been perfecting his song craft for over 30 years. Gary, who's classic bands from the late 70's and early eighties were Radio City and The Breakaways has also never stopped writing unforgettable songs. Rich, who as drummer for Buddy Love delighted audiences everywhere comprised the members of So which is it? Radio Flyer or RC Flyers? The answer is both! During our time together we were enjoined by "the little red wagon makers" from using "their" name so we changed it to RC Flyers, in honor of the town where Gary and Doug both lived, Rockville Centre, NY. All straight? good!

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