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RADIO CITY [Long Island, New York]

Biography Seems to be one of the great unsigned bands from the late 70's and early eighties. No official releases although Kenny Laguna (from the ORIGINAL Bubblegum stable of Kasenetz/Katz over at Buddha Records) did produce some wonderfully raw demos with them, including the standout Track, "Little Runaway". They are remembered as doing Pure Power Pop! in the classic style. Songs were penned by Gary Feldman and Mark Silvert but it was Gary's songs that set the tone for the band. The Flashcubes were Feldman's friends, in fact, he was asked to join and for a brief time played with them. Doug Khazzam (aka Buddy Love) : "His songs were a GIGANTIC influence on me at a time when I was just learning how to write. When Alan and I started formulating Buddy Love, we styled alot of the sound after Radio City.".

  • Gary Feldman : Bass, Vocals
  • Mark Silvert : Guitar, Vocals
  • Bob Carapeza : Drums
  • Gene Bute : Lead Vocals


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