Friday, April 08, 2011

Buddy Love

Buddy Love "s/t"
When we last left Buddy Love, they had a gem of a single "Crying Town" which combined lead singer Joey Kelly's rich baritone and Doug Khazzam's jangle pop mastery. This brilliant song took the band to the next level, and the follow up tune "Almost In Tears" nearly matches it, with solid guitar work and sax touches. You'll still hear the tint of 80's style pop, but it's got more sophistication, and this is evidenced in the terrific "Tearing You Down"  with Beatlesque guitar licks and musical key shifts after the chorus. "Intersection" seems to borrow a bit from "Sweet Child O Mine," but its still impressive. Other highlights here are "Hard To Get" and "Idle Hands." Both songs are catchy and have been an essential part of  Buddy Love's live show. Add to this a few odds ("Set You Free") and ends ("Waiting") - and you have a great introduction to Buddy Love. Highly recommended.